Winemaker Profile: Pete Soergel

A Third-Generation Farmer Finds His California Dream

Pete Soergel loves living in California. But then again, who wouldn’t? A third-generation farmer, Pete spent his early days working at the family business in Pennsylvania, tending to the apple orchards and working in the market.

Soergel began working at Lynmar Estate in 2012. After several successful vintages on the estate, Soergel has gained a deep appreciation for the intricacies of the iconic property and the nuances of its terroir. As the winemaker, Soergel works hand in hand with Lynmar’s vineyard team to pursue the pinnacle expression of the estate through a focused portfolio of limited-production Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines.

Pete Soergel

Soergel’s philosophy and approach towards winemaking and winegrowing are in perfect harmony with the vision that the proprietors have held since the inception: to craft elegant, estate-driven wines at the highest level of quality.

Pete found a home with Lynmar’s estate-driven model through an intimate collaboration with the in-house vineyard team. Reflecting on this, Soergel said, “I feel very fortunate to be at Lynmar where I have the opportunity to create estate-driven wines from one of the most incredible vineyard sources in the world.” He continued, “As a winemaker, I have the perfect conditions to work with–from the estate vineyards to our modern facilities, and support from our owners. This pursuit will be my honor.”

Winemaking Team

Pete Soergel and his winemaking team

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