Welcome to The Lynmar Life, our new blog which hopes to capture the flavor of a year in the life of a vineyard and family-owned and run winery. Each day I make the commute from our house through the vineyards, past the winery and caves to our tasting room, where I encounter people from all over the world who find us because they love Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. A question they often ask “what is it like to own a winery and live there?” In a word – blessed! But it can also be exhausting, frustrating, exhilarating and complicated. Wine people are passionate and opinionated, the vines can temperamental and moody and the grapes – perfect one day and ruined the next! Farming is part nature and part nurture, with nature definitely having the upper hand. Winemaking, we all know is art and science – and in the opinion of our fiery winemaker “about soul”. Conveying that soul to the person that walks into our tasting room requires a completely different skill set altogether.

Over the course of the year, I will write short and long posts about the people, the place and the process of growing and serving fine wine. To consummate oenophiles, I apologize in advance – my love of wine is two decades old, my schooling in wine simply does not compare to anyone else on our team! But actually that is the point – my observations, your feedback and our discussion during a twelve month journey with the Lynmar Estate family in The Lynmar Life!


Anisya Fritz

Beyond the World of Wine
It’s About the Team!
The Feathered Friends of Lynmar
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