A Welcome Turn of Events

Posted by Jason Saling, Vineyard Manager


Susanna’s Vineyard looking eastgrapes_growing

Bloom has gone fairly smoothly this year, as opposed to the last two years, with the weather being quite favorable. Shoot growth and extension is ideal and right where we would want it to be for this time of year. Lateral (the little side shoots off of the primary fruiting shoots) development has been about normal and will not present too much of a challenge during our leafing pass. We are on schedule to have the leaves opened up around the fruit zone just prior to “beginning of berry touch” which is ideal for proper management of botrytis pressure.

There have been questions about what effect, if any, the light rains that we felt, had on the vines. The answer, happily enough, is close to none. Bloom was finished for the most part and there was ample canopy to protect the clusters from getting wet. In the past two years we have had very heavy rains during bloom, causing “shatter” and crop loss. This was not the case this year. Additionally, we are not seeing pinot leaf curl to the degree we did last year and do not expect it to make an impact on the vines unlike last year. *Wheww*

After leafing we will be gathering cluster counts and looking at crop loads. Shane and I will work together to determine the best crop loads for the blocks and begin to dissect the harvest lots based on anticipated crop loads.


If all continues along the current trajectory, we are on course for quite a recovery year from two years of odd-ball weather conditions. There is still, however, quite a journey in front of us.

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