Walk Into Our Garden

Let your eyes take in the profusion of colors and textures. Watch carefully – and see the butterflies and hummingbirds delight in the secret pleasures the flowers provide. Notice the intermingling of colors – delicate cosmos and vibrant sunflowers contrast with the large leaf forms of frilly purple kale and lavender cabbages, and the deep burgundy or purple colors of amaranth and opal basil. Feel the calm – we believe that the beauty of the landscape and the sensuality of the gardens are the perfect accompaniment to the elegance of our wine.


This experience of nature’s variety and abundance is a testament to the soul of the soil which nurtures the spirit of the plants and those who benefit from it. Over ninety percent of the flowers in the garden support a variety of pollinators and beneficial insects. The vegetables, the cabbage and kale and chard, outsize in their Lynmar manifestation are also resources for our chef who walks the garden each day looking for new ways to combine flavors that complement the wine.


But see what we have now -heat loving plants such as eggplants, chilies and an array of basil among the more cool weather tolerant plants- such as burgundy leaved amaranths, orange and white cosmos, flowering tobacco, Mexican sunflowers, zinnias, signet marigolds, dahlias, hummingbird mint (Agastache), dill, giant purple cabbage, kale, chard, raddichios, ornamental corn, dahlias, cuphea, and parsley.  The ever popular gourds, runner beans and morning glories are growing rapidly on the three trellises over the path leading to the vineyard.  In the barrels on the courtyard next to the garden, a rainbow of cherry tomatoes alternates with barrels filled with runner beans and other edibles.

Form Lynmar with Love. Enjoy.


Photos by Vincent Louis Carrella

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