The Vision for a New Vineyard

Posted by Anisya Fritz, Proprietor

An apple orchard in Forestville with brilliant possibilities (Photo: Jason Saling, Vineyard Manager)

In his quest for continuing quality, Lynn always has an eye out for new vineyards. We look at many, but it is very rare that a place captures our imagination. The last time this happened was in 2004 when we bought what is now Susanna’s vineyard on 116. The exquisite wines that are being made now, validate our hopes for that site.

Views from the newest Lynmar Estate Vineyard, pre-development (Photos: Jason Saling, Vineyard Manager)

Two years ago we saw a small property with decaying apple trees in Forestville. Lynn walked the property and his instinct told him that this could be a great site for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The experts that our vineyard manager Jason brought in confirmed its potential. The goldridge soils, south east facing aspect, gentle slopes that aid in drainage, water availability, and proximity to Quail Hill Vineyard, are all in its favor.

Nursery visit to choose our rootstock
(Photo: Jason Saling, Vineyard Manager)

Getting ready to plant took over a year. The proper permits had to be obtained, the trees and their roots were removed and the earth soils had to be prepared. This latter task included removing top soils, grading sub-soils, installing drainage, building a “key-way” at the bottom to meet engineered county and state soil compaction standards (this is essentially a land dam to prevent future erosion in the lowest area of the vineyard), replacing top soils, dust suppression, and amending soils. The rootstock also had to be ordered a year in advance so the nursery could custom propagate our order. Owl boxes were installed to help gain control of gophers and voles.















Terrain grading and drainage development (Photos: Jason Saling, Vineyard Manager)

One of the intangible parts of this manifold process was meeting with our new neighbors in this lovely residential community and persuading them that this vision was worth pursuing. It also involved seeking their indulgence on the dust and noise that were generated in this initial phase. We are blessed that in the process we made new friends.












Ready for planting to begin March 2013 (Photo: Jason Saling, Vineyard Manager)

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