The Path To Wine

People are called to wine, drawn to it, seduced by it. Everyone has a story about how they came into the wine industry. For some the path is relatively smooth and linear, for others more windy.

Our winemaker, Bibiana, who grew up in Columbia, South America knew she wanted to be a winemaker when she was a teenager. She attended college for a business degree, but then followed her heart to France to earn degrees in viticulture and enology.

Lynn was looking for a retreat when he bought the first vineyard but the vines beckoned and now we live in their midst.

Elizabeth, who runs our wine-club, was a book keeper in Southern California and fascinated by wine.

Peter, in our tasting room, sang professional opera in Dusseldorf, Germany where he discovered wine.

A vineyard in Sebastopol was the last place I expected to land when I came to the United States, with one red suitcase in hand and hoping to get an education. Yet here we all are and somehow the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

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