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At Lynmar we are full of gratitude for the year that has been, for the camaraderie we share and for the vibrant community of advocates club members, customers, friends and family that enriches our daily life. Here are some words of thanks from your Lynmar family about things we are grateful for this year.

For access to this magnificent land, an even growing season and an abundant harvest, for a community of family and friends to share it with – Lynn

For Sonoma County, its kind generous people, wonderful schools, university and the new Green Music Center; for the weddings and babies that remind us of the cycle of life and to savor each moment – Anisya

For my new school and new teachers and friends – Adam

For the smiles shared with family and friends – Meghan

For the ability to travel long distances to spend time with family and friends and for the bonds which have strengthened as a result of seeing them – Patrick

For my loving wife Reva and the birth of my healthy baby boy Zakai – Eytan

To be able to come to such a beautiful place every day, to be part of this wonderful group of people who love what they do – Nancy

For all the challenges that came my way this year, and the strength I gained from overcoming them – Elizabeth

Perhaps Ralph Waldo Emerson captured it best:

For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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