Susanna’s Vineyard – The Gift that Keeps on Giving


Susanna’s Vineyard was given to me by my husband in 2005, as I was on the cusp of learning about wine, wineries and vineyards. Lynn acquired the 25-acre property, (originally an apple orchard, owned for several generations by the Silveira family) and on my birthday that fall, told me it was mine. I named it Susanna’s after my grandmother, but really to honor all the many inspiring women in my life.  Susanna’s Vineyard was planted in 2006, a pivotal year in the story of our family and of our Estate, as it was the year our son was born, and the year the Bliss property, with the house and its vineyards, became ours.



The decade since then has been the happiest in my life, as we became full-time resident proprietors of Lynmar Estate and participated more completely in the seasons of the vineyard.  Our daily rhythms became inextricably entwined with those of the land.


Watching the vines at Susanna’s internalized what I instinctively knew as a mother – our children are here to fulfill their own destiny, we are simply their caretakers for a while.  I understood then what my husband had always told me about Lynmar Estate and everything it is: the land, the vines, the people, the animals – “We don’t own it. We simply have access to steward its potential, as best we can, over the course of our lives”.


Vineyard closeup

Susanna’s Vineyard wines have quickly grown to be loved by Lynmar Advocates and aficionados. The Anisya’s Blend presents a garnet glow in the glass, offering aromas of fresh blackberry and earth.  It is elegant and feminine, with lovely structure and a long, lingering finish. The Susanna’s Vineyard Pinot Noir is alluring and opulent, with notes of strawberry and sassafras, and the Susanna’s Vineyard Chardonnay displays exuberant aromatics of white flowers, with a bright and mineral-laden palate.


Susanna’s Vineyard, now ten years old, is filled with the promise of the wines to come, as the vines mature and the voice of her terroir becomes more distinct.

I simply have access to steward the potential as best I can.


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