Scents and Sensory Walkabout-ability



An essential part of the sensory experience at Lynmar Estate are the colors and textures, sights and sounds in our garden. The California poppies dot the landscape with splashes of color amidst the lush spring green of vineyards and plants, evidence of Sonoma County’s rich abundance. The rosemary borders are abuzz as bees go about being happy. Swallowtail butterflies gracefully circle the native blossoms, careful to avoid the hummingbirds intent to get there first. Come, stroll our gardens, smell the mint and relax into our wine. We have designed a route we are sure you will enjoy!


The entire garden walk offers panoramic views of Quail Hill Vineyard as well as the neighboring Laguna de Santa Rosa. Brochures with detailed plant information and a map for self-guiding guests throughout the gardens are available in the Tasting Room upon request. From May to October, the gardens overflow with life to sustain a signature backdrop for experiencing everything that Lynmar has to offer.

Map and illustrations by Dennis Bolt


Love, Lynmar Style
Garlic at Lynmar Estate
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