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Pure Lynmar Water

A great wine begins in the vineyard, but where does a great vineyard begin?

When vines are planted in deep, well-drained soils, warmed by the sun on an exposed, sloping hillside, chilled by the cool embrace of dense, coastal fog, with surroundings as natural, beneficial, and diverse as the Laguna de Santa Rosa. When each element is honored through stewardship of the land, the whole becomes more than the sum of the parts. The result?  PURE, LYNMAR.

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A Vibrant Ecosystem for Generations to Come

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Lynmar’s proximity to the Laguna de Santa Rosa creates a diverse and beneficial macroclimate for Quail Hill Vineyard. The 22-mile watershed acts as a rich habitat and sanctuary for migratory birds and other animals. In early Spring, the vineyard benefits from a thermal uplift, which can deter frost and provide a head start on the growing season. As stewards of the vineyard estate, Lynmar places great emphasis on sustainability. When it comes to water use, Lynmar takes a measured approach. In fact, over 65% of Lynmar Estate is dry-farmed. In places that require more water, the vineyard team has the unique ability to water sections individually.

Sustainability and Stewardship

Lynmar also uses permanent California-native cover crops to save water, reduce erosion and improve soil quality, and refrain from using insecticides, to maintain a natural balance. Owl boxes erected throughout the vineyards encourage a healthy population of barn owls, naturally controlling rodent population. Intense, continuous soil mapping and plant-tissue sampling create flourishing vines without unnecessary fertilization. Thriving organic flower and vegetable gardens not only provide beauty and bounty for Lynmar’s kitchen, but also a thriving habitat for bees, butterflies and birds.

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