Pure Lynmar – Fire

Pure Lynmar Fire

A great wine begins in the vineyard, but where does a great vineyard begin?

When vines are planted in deep, well-drained soils, warmed by the sun on an exposed, sloping hillside, chilled by the cool embrace of dense, coastal fog, with surroundings as natural, beneficial, and diverse as the Laguna de Santa Rosa. When each element is honored through stewardship of the land, the whole becomes more than the sum of the parts. The result?  PURE, LYNMAR.

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Turning Sunlight Into Wine


Each of Lynmar’s estate vineyards are planted in coordination with the position of the sun. As the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, Lynmar’s vineyard rows are planted so that each vine receives equal sun on both sides of the canopy. The vineyard crew works year-round to optimize the microclimate of each vine through pruning and canopy management. Capturing the sunlight from the vineyard produces vibrant, fruit-forward Lynmar wines.

During harvest, picking conditions are coordinated closely between our winemaker and viticulturalist. We use a variety of traditional methods to highlight terroir, including harvesting from the sun side of the canopy and shade side separately. The winemaking team honors these nuances by keeping sun and shade lots separate throughout fermentation. Wines are aged in carefully-selected light toast oak barrels, as not to overwhelm the grape’s natural fruit characteristics. Prior to bottling, the individual fermentations are blended into the finished wines.

blending profiles

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