Positive Qi

Perhaps because he has had offices in over 120 countries, or because the Far East was a big part of his early business life, Lynn is superstitious when it comes to land and buildings. Over the years, every major building project has inevitably involved the services of a Feng Shui master for an assessment and ‘correction’ of the energies. The tasting room and winery at Lynmar Estate were no exception. Feng Shui Master Alex Stark did a detailed analysis of the site and the architectural plans and made suggestions that were implemented in the building and landscaping.

At the entrance of the tasting room building is a water feature, with the water moving toward the front door to optimize the financial prospects of the building. A bench by the front door was designed as a transition from the dramatic approach to a more human scale. Blue-green tile in the entrance was added to enhance the career success of employees.

A stone clad fireplace was added in the conference room, to make sure the elements of creativity, invention and job satisfaction were optimized. The lights behind the tasting bar were painted red to enhance the fame and reputation of the business.


While the winery and caves were being built, Alex was brought in to perform feng shui rituals and prepare the land for the disruption. These rituals, with no religious significance, deal exclusively with the energy of the earth and involved the burying of specially-cut crystals at strategic points on the site. An amethyst geode was placed in a perfectly constructed alcove in the cave and two others in the structure itself to balance, harmonize and amplify the positive qualities of the natural earth energies beneath the caves.

For those of us who live and work here, this sure feels like a blessed place

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