Lynmar Profile: Vineyard Team


We believe that great wine comes from great vineyards and that behind every great vineyard is a crew of dedicated workers and a history of meticulous farming. At Lynmar Estate, we are blessed with a vineyard team that works together, plays together and understands our quest for excellence in everything we do. Each vine in our three vineyards is touched several times a year, with experience, intuition and a high degree of expertise. With thousands of hours of hands-on experience with the vines, soils and microclimates, Jason and his team understand the vineyard’s unique growing cycle and natural order at a level rarely seen.


Our team started its development over 15 years ago when Kenny Salgado first joined Lynmar. One by one, we assembled the team over the ensuing years. Each additional member started on a part-time basis first, and had to prove themselves over time to become a full-time official member. Each person that has made the grade has been vetted not only by management but by rigorous peer reviews of each existing full-time team member.


In addition to all the general vineyard functions, Kenny and Elias drive our three tractors, and our other moving equipment. Ramon, does all the mechanical repairs for our equipment, over and above his vineyard duties. Victor, in addition to performing every vineyard function, acts as the group foreman. Alfonso, Jaime, Rodrigo maintain everything from pruning in the winter through the harvest in the fall.


The pride, the expertise, and the team continuity that has developed over all these years distinguishes Lynmar Vineyard Team from virtually every other farming organization. It is evident in the laughter that floats over our vines as the workers prune, tie or harvest. It is evident also in the Lynmar soccer team that brings them together at lunch and after hours, in the local league. Their families join us as we celebrate each goal scored and groan when an important pass is missed.

Wine is an organic and living thing and we believe the Lynmar bottles contain within them the joyfulness and devotion of our wonderful vineyard crew. Cheers!


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