Love, Lynmar Style


The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” — Helen Keller

Before it became a celebration of romance and love, Valentine’s Day symbolized spring. It commemorated the day when plants and flowers start to grow and when the first work in the vineyards begin. St. Valentine is also the patron saint of good health and of beekeepers and seekers. At Lynmar we have already begun working in the vineyards and an unseasonably warm January has daffodils bobbing their yellow heads. Yet we take this opportunity to acknowledge the natural cycle which governs our work. Especially at this time of year, we are reminded of the power of nature, the fragility of life and the importance of love in all its forms. We celebrate the feeling of beauty and wonder that captures us all in a special moment with someone we love or in solitude in nature and everything in between.

This Valentine’s Day we also celebrate love at Lynmar (next year we should have a calendar – these couples were all photographed at Lynmar).


Pete, our assistant winemaker, who married the lovely Sara. They represent all that is beautiful in Sonoma County!


Alex, our production coordinator in the winery and his beautiful fiancée Jenna as they plan a summer wedding.


Cory, our IT support, who is blessed with beautiful Danielle and have laughed together through adventures around the world.


Elizabeth in our wine club and her firefighter Nate who got married and had the bouncy Kyle all in short order.

Happy Valentine’s day to all of you and to my own Valentine, Lynn Fritz.

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