Almost every day, this new year, we have woken up to the most incredible sunrises imaginable. Layer by layer, the vineyards are bathed in an iridescent glow as as dark turns to light and the sky is painted with streaks of orange and pink. The large trees on the property are silhouetted in their bare elegance and the air is still and crystal clear. I feel so lucky to live in this county of great beauty and abundance!


At Lynmar, the year is off to a great start. Bibiana is busy preparing for bottling at the winery and the tractor can be seen navigating specific rows of vines at Quail Hill spreading dolomite lime to balance the calcium and magnesium levels in the soil. There is concern in the air from the vineyard crew – the unseasonably warm weather and the lack of rain are not too troublesome…..yet, but rain would be most welcome. Jason, our vineyard manager, predicts it will rain on the 19th. We will see.

We have been busy in hospitality as well. On Thursday, we had a visit from Sandy Weill, the benefactor of Weill Hall at the Green Music Center at Sonoma State University and the Chairman of its Board. He described a vision of this venue becoming a magnet for the most talented musicians in the world, and when I saw it the next day, I was convinced it would be too! Also gracing our table was Jack Stuppin, the celebrated Sonoma County artist. On the same day, Good Morning America was here shooting a commercial!

We have some exciting ideas for the blog this year. Lynn and I will be regular contributors as will David, our chef, and Eytan, our garden maven. They will be sharing their expertise on how to bring the wine country experience into your home with recipes and tips for your garden and table. Patrick, our graphic designer and resident artist, will add his photography and artwork to illustrate the Lynmar Life. We would love to hear your thoughts as well and our newly redesigned blog accommodates your comments and feedback.

Happy New Year!

The Feathered Friends of Lynmar
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