How Wines Are Named

Every wine has a story. It begins in the vineyard, of course, includes the concept and artistry of the winemaker, the consent and agreement of the owners as well as the opinions of those who will sell it.

Perhaps the stories do not matter as much as the vintage and the winemaking technique to the vast majority of wine drinkers, but to this romantic, it is a crucial element in savoring the wine.

People often ask Lynn and I what our favorite wine is (after all, we do have about 22 different wines)  – and I am happy to declare my favorite of the day, of the vintage, or by style but Lynn is much more nuanced. “Each wine is special,” he says. “How would you choose among your children?”

At Lynmar, we love telling the story of “Five Sisters”, the apex of all our wines, and named after Lynn’s five daughters. Only made in exceptional vintage years, the philosophy of this wine is Lynn’s guiding vision of his whole life – the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. So the winemaker ‘s brief is to create a wine from five premium barrels that embodies the essence of each, but where the combination is distinctive, fuller and deeper. In 2009, only 125 cases of Five Sisters was made and will not be sold until 2012. Only 6 cases of the 2007 Five Sisters remain.

“Requiem” was a wine we made one year  – the final harvest from vines that were then pulled from the vineyard.  Meaning a solemn chant for the repose of the dead, it found resonance among the Catholic and the Catholic school educated!

La Sereinite” is our Chablis inspired Chardonnay. Lean and structured with only a faint kiss of oak, it is an extremely food-friendly wine named after the Serein river in the Chablis appellation. La Sereinite has a passionate following, especially among those who often comment that they do not like Chardonnay! Aged for 15 months in neutral oak, it is my favorite Chardonnay!

This year we debut 3 new wines made in very small quantities and each with an interesting story. Stay tuned next week for the story of Block 10 – an exquisite and exciting wine that will ship to our club members on March 11.

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