Harvest Updates

Posted by Anisya Fritz, Proprietor


Harvest is upon us. Each morning that we harvest, the trucks and lights move into Quail Hill Vineyard at 3:45, and the crew begins to pick at 4:00 am, in the cool (cold) night. Our vineyard manager, Jason Saling keeps us posted on the progress of the “pick”. A few notes from his journal.




After yesterday’s Chardonnay attack on the Kistler Selection Old Wente in Block 11B, we’ll move forward with the rest of our Kistler Selection Old Wente in Block 11C. All in all, there should be approximately 2 tons hanging in there. Then, we will grab the first wave of Summit, which gets picked in two phases. The upper portion of Summit is a little bit ahead of the lower portion, so, we get it when it is ready. Even with all the sub-sections and micro-blocks, we further segment the vineyard for ripening and harvest in order to make the best wines.
Looking like ~ 8 tons tomorrow. We’ll get rolling about 4:00 am.




Last year we were hard pressed to get 10 tons per day. Tomorrow we are looking down the barrel of 11 – 12 tons, and everyone is excited about it. Last year we were barely making 1 ton per hour, a ten ton day would have taken 10 long hours, at best. With the lighter crop loads, the time was mostly spent walking to and fro looking for fruit. There were a lot of cuts, 7 or 8 before you got one pound. This year’s cluster weights bring that down to about 4 to 5, we are averaging 1.45 tons /acre, YTD, and we are just getting warmed up. If tomorrow’s estimates hold up, we should be done in no more than 8 hours.




Interesting note; it has gotten down to 38 degrees the past two mornings during our picks. This morning it was 50 when we started at 3, but was 38 by 6:30.
Tomorrow we will rest up for what looks like a very intensity push over the next few weeks.



As of today, we still have 80% of harvest remaining, but, so far, so good!

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