Handcrafted at Lynmar Estate: 2013 Olive Oil


The terroir of Lynmar Estate is proven ground for growing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. With the estate gardens supporting a variety of fruit trees, vegetables, and herbs, it is further testament that this area is a special, blessed plot of land capable of growing exceptionally farmed foods.

In 2013, on top of a prolific vintage in the vineyard, the garden crew tended our estate olive trees to the highest olive yield harvested at Lynmar Estate. Every year, an oil is pressed and made available for the kitchen. This year, we are proud to make our first public offering of Lynmar Estate’s olive oil. It is now available in our Tasting Room while supplies last.


Limited to only 15 cases, this rare bottling of estate-grown olive oil epitomizes the pursuit of high quality hand-craftsmanship from beginning to end. Not only were the olive trees cared for and harvested by Lynmar’s own crew, the bottling was done by estate Chef David Frakes and the packaging designed by our communications manager Patrick Finney. Each bottle is individually numbered and labeled with original artwork illustrating the unique landscape surrounding the estate.


Expressing the nuances of an entire growing season, the 2013 Lynmar Estate Olive Oil is fresh and “fruity” to start with a pleasantly bitter mid-palate and a mildly spicy finish. Overall, this is a very well-balanced olive oil that works great as a finishing olive oil or in delicate dressings.

With each year, the cycle of farm to harvest to bottle is observed and recounted to tell the story of each unique vintage. We are accustomed to small-lot productions of our ultra-premium Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays and with our ultra-limited lot of olive oil, we are all the more appreciative of these rare gifts the terroir has to offer.

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