Grateful for the Sum of the Parts


"Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. "
— Francis of Assisi

This Thanksgiving, Lynn and I are filled with gratitude for all that we have access to. As Lynn said last week, Lynmar is a confluence of great serendipity, good fortune and an indescribable energy. The original property was acquired six years after Lynn first saw it, on a day he set out to find a weekend home in the Russian River after a family illness that sobered him. That it had some of the oldest Pinot Noir wines in the Russian River, was good fortune. The additional properties that came about over the years, were defensive acquisitions. That Don Bliss approached Lynn when he was ready to move to Texas, was fortune borne out of more than two decades of neighborliness. That we went to Butchart gardens and saw the magic gardens can inspire in people was serendipity. The beauty of nature all around us from the Summit to the Laguna, the gentle rolling of the hills, the majesty of the Bliss oak and the dignity of the Redwoods all around, is good fortune.

Yet as beautiful as Lynmar Estate and Quail Hill Vineyard are, it is our Lynmar family that we are most grateful for. Each day, our vines and gardens are tended with passion and expertise beyond what is necessary. In the cellar, our winemaking team meticulously watches over a huge array of barrels, each filled with slightly different occupants, depending on the clone and block, sun and shade from whence they came. At the Tasting Room, our hospitality team joyfully receives guests with a seamless integration of training, process and personality. Upstairs our accounting, wine club and communications staff manage huge amounts of data with exceptional competence. Our estate and housekeeping crew, make sure that the lights are on and the spaces are spotless.


A hidden gem made by love off the beaten path.
Hand Crafted at Lynmar Estate: Rosé of Pinot Noir
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