Garlic at Lynmar Estate

Posted by Eytan Navah, Gardener


Garlic is one of those vegetables that no kitchen can do without. It is a gastronomical chameleon that is used in countless dishes in almost every culture. The origins of garlic date back 7000 years to Central Asia. Traded all over the world, it and began to show up in Egypt by 3000 BC and then made its way to India and then to Spain, Portugal and France. Today, garlic is ubiquitous in the food of almost every culture, and is often cited for its medicinal properties.

In the month of June, the garden Team at Lynmar harvested 165 heads of garlic! Each year our garlic harvest is akin to finding buried treasure. Buried and invisible all winter long, the reward of a perfect head of garlic coming out of the earth is indeed satisfying.

Each head of garlic comprises of number of cloves that can either be eaten or planted. Each individual clove can be placed in the soil and with some care, sunlight, water, and rich soil, it will provide a new head of garlic, filled with a new cluster of delicious cloves!

At Lynmar we grew five different types of garlic over the winter. These are:

Spanish Roja – An heirloom, hard neck type garlic that has beautiful purple streaks . Hot and spicy, it has the deep, rich, complex flavor of gourmet garlic at its very finest!

California Early – A dependable garlic with a large head, this standard market variety is easy to grow.It is mild with the distinctive garlic flavor we all know.

Early Italian Purple – A soft neck variety with a purple streaked and very large head. Easy to grow and has a light pungent flavor.

Chesnok Red – An heirloom, hard neck variety with a full bodied flavor. Medium sized heads that is an excellent all-around cooking variety.

Nootka Rose – A soft neck variety with beautiful, rose streaked bulbs. A medium sized garlic that is a good variety for braiding.

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