Garden Reflections

With my absence from The Lynmar Life, we thought you would enjoy hearing from Eytan Navah, our garden supervisor. Integral to the Lynmar Life, he has been embracing the changing seasons at the Estate.

November has arrived, bringing us our first rains, light morning frost and progressively shorter days. The way the light looks at this time of year is always inspiring, the colors of the landscape seem so vibrant and the scattered clouds reflect the pinks and oranges of the sunrise and sunset in such magnificent ways. At the Lynmar gardens, we have just about finished making the transition from our bright flowers and sweet summer fruits to our fall and winter hardy crops. Monstrous kales and multi-colored chard, red cabbage, purple orach, spicy mustards, and young sprouting peas inhabit the living and constantly evolving art piece that we call our gardens. The lush greens bursting out of our rich organic soil creates abundant habitat for our friends the frogs, lizards, and countless insects.

The peacocks have also been making their presence known, arriving to our tasting room gardens in the wee hours of the dawn to have an early morning snack of Lacinato kale, only to disappear as people begin to trickle in to begin their work day. The colors of the surrounding grape vines have changed from the vibrant greens dotted with clumps of green and purple grapes to mellow shades of yellow and orange. The contrast of the colors along with the sweet songs of the many birds brings inspiration.

This time of year always brings a feeling of satisfaction and inward reflection. I am beginning to look back upon our summer season, so full of life, abundance and festivities. So much growth and energy, creating countless ripples throughout our landscape and community. I begin to explore a number of questions as I look back upon this busy season: Did this garden enhance the health and bio-diversity of this landscape? Were people inspired by our gardens and landscape? Was it a tool to bring about joy and build community? In what ways can we continue to nurture this land while continuing to provide abundance and beauty?

As I start to examine my role as a member of this dynamic eco-system, I am reminded of the inter-connectedness of this place. I become inspired and full of awe and gratitude. I reflect on the many beautiful parts of this complicated system that continuously rely on each other and work together to create a harmonious and sustainable environment. I appreciate the many people that have visited this place, the happiness and curiosity they all bring. The many people who work here together to bring about a sense of family while creating delicious wine and food. The birds, bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and countless other creatures that live on and visit this land. Autumn, the season of Thanks and Giving, a time to eat lots of squash and greens, and a time to renew our sense of respect and gratitude for the natural world.

Eytan Navah, Garden Supervisor

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