For International Women’s Day

Today the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, a global day to celebrate the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. Like every other sphere of endeavor, the California wine industry has benefited in immeasurable ways through the efforts of women whose passion, perseverance and talent have blazed new trails and scaled new heights, making it possible for girls all over the world to aspire to a career in wine. The Russian River Valley would not be what it is without the pioneering contributions of icons such as Merry Edwards, Marimar Torres and Joy Sterling.

However, iconic vintners aside, today is also a day to recognize that practically every winemaking operation and tasting room benefits from the contributions of women -whether in the vineyard, on the sorting table, in the cellar, in hospitality, shipping or the gardens.

Today at Lynmar we celebrate Bibiana our winemaker, Kate and Sara our gardeners, Candy in our cellar, Sandra our chef, Elizabeth our wine-club manager, Meghan our hospitality manager, Stacy our concierge to the proprietors club, Candi in reservations, Abi, our inventory specialist, Andrea in public relations, Piper our event coordinator, Pam, Lori and Sara in our tasting room, Neysa in accounting, Roscio, Luga and Yolanda in housekeeping. These women are amazing and they are a big part of everything that makes us excellent and pushes us farther on our path. Salute!

This week, Lynn and I and Lynmar Estate are also supporting the International Museum of Women at their annual benefit. If you have not heard of IMOW, check them out at Founded by my very dear friend Elizabeth Colton, it is a worthy effort that catalyzes and showcases the contributions of women around the world.

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