Farmed at Lynmar Estate: Tuscan Blend Olive Oil


On December 3rd the garden and vineyard crews harvested 800 pounds of Tuscan blend olives from the property! It was a perfect day to pick. Compared to 2012’s olive harvest, we harvested 200 more more pounds of olives yielded almost twice as much oil. Due to insect damage, our yield was significantly less than it could have been. I would not be surprised if we topped out in 2014 at 1,000-1,200 pounds!

Below is a visual description of our olives being processed at Olive Leaf Hills Mill in south Sebastopol. We ended up with 17 gallons.

1) After being brought in by conveyor belt, the olives are rinsed to remove any residue, leaves, and stems.


2) The olives are then churned in a compartment. Here the oil begins to separate from the pulp.


3) The olive mixture is then spun through a centrifuge, where the oil pulls away and separates at high speeds.


4) This digital monitor shows the speed of the centrifuge. 3,840 RPM!


5) The outflow on the left is oil, the outflow from the right is water with small amounts of oil.


6) The oil then goes through a series of filters before going into containers.


7) Our oil being poured into containers.


8) 17 gallons of Lynmar Tuscan Blend Olive Oil.


Conclusions after our first taste: spicy and herbaceous! We look forward to sharing this delicious olive oil, farmed and harvested at Lynmar Estate, in our 2014 wine and food pairings to be offered beginning this summer!

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