Fair Weather?

In the wine business weather determines almost everything – the time to sow and the time to reap….and all that happens in between. Our vineyard manager gathers information from every source he can get – the feel of the air when he runs in the morning, the weather forecast, data from previous years. One superb source of daily data is our weather station in the vineyard. This is what it tells us each day! Here is the one it generated Sunday!

Current Conditions

Lynmar – Quail Hill Vineyard

As of 7:14 AM Sunday, March 20, 2011

Forecast: Mostly Cloudy

Outside Temp: 47.0 F

High Outside Temp: 49.7 F at 12:46 AM

Low Outside Temp: 47.0 F at 6:46 AM

Outside Humidity: 94%

Inside Temp: 68.2 F

Inside Humidity: 37%

Heat Index: 47.0 F

Wind Chill: 47.0 F

Dew Point: 45.0 F

Barometer: 29.432″ and Rising Rapidly

Wind Speed: 1.0 Mph

Wind Direction: SSE

High Gust: 33.0 Mph at 1:54 AM

10 min Avg Wind: 1.0 Mph

Rain Rate: 0.00″/Hour

Day Rain: 0.28″

Storm Rain: 3.34″

Month Rain: 8.00″

Year Rain: 31.46″

Solar Radiation: 0 W/m^2

UV Index: 0.0

High Solar Radiation: 0 W/m^2 at n/a

High UV Index: 0.0  at n/a

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