Bottling Day

Sitting in my office the other day, I could sense a burst of energy coming from up the hill at the winery. Truth be told, Pete had already warned me ahead of time that the winery was going to be busy starting on Monday so I was kind of anticipating it. In any case, I picked up my DSLR camera as well as the GoPro and headed up the hill in the hopes of capturing a bit of the excitement. And I certainly am glad that I decided to do so because the hustle and bustle was at its peak by the time I made it up there. I can tell you that the noise level was out of this world with all the machines running at full capacity, with bottles running on the belts, gettling filled, labeled and packaged for delivery, and the workers inspecting every part of the process meticulously, in a very tight space. I definitely didn’t want to disturb the poetry in motion with my presence. So I strapped on the GoPro and let it do its thing while gingerly moving from corner to corner and shooting a few shots with the DSLR at the same time. I’m hoping that the below pictorial and the clip that follows can communicate some of the magic that I felt on that day.



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