Flowers are surely an expression of earthly rapture and their contagious joy has spread all over the Estate.

The vines are beginning to bloom, and a new vintage is in gestation. The delicate blossoms are an expression of the soil that has evolved over the millennia, the careful planting decisions made over the past forty years, and meticulous care that the farming team has invested in the vines this season.  Self –pollinating, these blossoms will become fruit all on their own.

The vineyard borders are ablaze in color and activity as bees and other beneficial insects buzz deep into their midst. The wild flowers are at their zenith – the poppy seeds we flung all over the grounds last fall, are manifested in stunning arrays of yellow, orange and red. Humming birds have begun to arrive, delightedly burying their long beaks into the generous depths of the open blossoms.

The tasting room gardens are signaling abundance. Heirloom varieties of vegetables and edible flowers grow more profuse each day. Amaranth, kale, chard, cabbage, fennel, beets, parsley, orach and celery all flutter together in a communal bed. Chocolate mint, grapefruit mint, mango mint and strawberry mint are the newest cousins to join  peppermint and spearmint, the faithful couple that have given their flavor to our ice water and tea.

The roses climb the fences, enveloping them in a fragrant embrace. The hydrangeas, rhododendrons, and azaleas in every hue have awoken from their annual slumber. Cornflower, iris, violas and nasturtium – is it any wonder that the bees seem to be drunk?

The earth smiles and all she asks is that we smile back!

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