Anatomy of an Event: Part Three

Posted by Nancy Vandegrift, Events Manager


As with all events here at Lynmar, the goal is to create an experience that is memorable for each guest and reflects a communion of wine, food and place. With “Tastes of Winter”, my job was to take our vision and translate it into a visual and tactile experience.

We were lucky enough to have a beautiful, cool, crisp evening, just right for gathering together for an elegant wine and food experience. When our wine club members arrived, I wanted them to feel that cozy and inviting feeling wash over them. The lighting was a key component to providing that overall feel. Adjusting the different lighting zones in the Tasting Room gave us a warm glow along with the various candles on the tables and the bar. A selection of a Dupione Silk linen in Paprika for the tables kept that warm, inviting feeling along with the amber hue of the water goblets. Even a small detail like the birch bark containers for the flowers was important to impart that winter note of bare tree branches.



For the tableware, of course, having appropriate stemware for the wine is a given for any event we do here at Lynmar. We wanted our china and silverware to be understated. The bone white china acted as a frame so the colors of the beets and Swiss Chard straight from the garden could paint a beautiful picture on the plate with the help of Chef Frakes artful eye. Even the weight of the silverware is important. The “hammered” style of the silverware had a good weight in the hand and gave us that bit of bling we needed on the table. If the silverware is too lightweight it can give the impression of a more casual style which was not what we wanted for “Tastes of Winter”.

The flow of the evening is paramount to a successful event. Adjusting the timing of each course coming out of the kitchen is vital to ensuring a seamless flow so guests can savor all the flavors of each course. Serving staff kept wine and water glasses filled and were attentive without being intrusive. These are all details that should be unnoticeable to the guest and, if done poorly, can impact the experience negatively.


At the end of the evening, it comes down to the interaction between our staff and each guest. We strive for impeccable, flawless service, always with a welcoming smile and attention to each guest’s needs. When it all comes together, the experience will linger in everyone’s memory as a true reflection of what Lynmar Estate is all about – communion of wine, food and place.



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