Anatomy of an Event: Part One

Posted by Anisya Fritz, Proprietor


It’s cold outside. The mornings are foggy and vines are austere in their bare beauty. It is winter.

As the team sat down to brainstorm an event to celebrate our first release of wine to our Advocates Club, we articulated our goals. We wanted our community of wine club members to feel warm and welcome. We wanted to showcase the talents of our chef. We wanted to release our delicious 2012 Rosé. As always, we wanted everything to be seasonal!



Swatches of winter at Lynmar Estate

The initial theme the team came up with was “A Winter’s Bounty”. However, as I reflected on it I felt that the words “winter” and “bounty” did not sit comfortably together. To me, living on the property, harvest is the bountiful time – when the flowers are profuse and the vines are heavy with fruit. Nonetheless, Patrick Finney, our graphic designer, began to work on the concept.



Unused title ideas

As the conversation continued, we threw out themes like “Roots and Shoots,” “The Roots of Lynmar,” “A Taste of Winter’s Garden,” A Journey in Winter” and then….



Final title design

“Tastes of Winter!” A concise, expressive title that implied a spectrum of seasonally-inspired flavors. We now had a theme and not long after that, Patrick presented a few visual concepts and we chose the invitation you received, below. It had everything, the austerity of the season, the pop of color from the Rosé and the word “Tastes” showcased both the food and the wine!



Final invitation design

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