Adam’s Vineyard at Anderson Road is Launched!



The newest member of the Lynmar family will be called Adam’s Vineyard at Anderson Road. We chose to name the vineyard after our young son Adam as he will be growing with the vines. We anticipate the release of the first wines from this vineyard will be in 2021, when Adam is 15. Still too young to drink, but hopefully, old enough to help with harvest.

The Chardonnay clones include Mount Eden and Montrachet. The Pinot Noir clones are 667 and Calera.

Rootstocks used: 1616c (low vigor, good nematode tolerance), 420A (outstanding performer for high-quality wine grapes, low vigor, long season), 3309c (low vigor rootstock, ideal for high wine quality), Riparia Gloire (low vigor, shallow rooting pattern, good for shallow soils).

Now we watch and wait and nurture and hope. The next generation of Lynmar wines are on their way!

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