A Winning Team on Two Fields


A solid team dynamic is at the core of how Lynmar Estate operates. Open lines of communication, shared knowledge of each department’s roles and each individual’s skills, a single unit working together towards a single goal. For a group of employees at Lynmar, this includes an actual, physical goal.

Last year, the vineyard crew began an indoor soccer team. Channeling a passion for a sport they’ve been playing from a young age, our vineyard team is strengthened as a workforce that understands the benefits of working together. Their chemistry is as fluid as any working environment you will find. The setting of a soccer field during a game and a harvest at 3am on Quail Hill Vineyard have a lot of similarities. Everyone is bursting with energy, running to their next place, constantly chattering, never letting a moment of silence pass (see previous blog entry (The Harvest is the Party).


L to R: Elias and Jaime planting new vines. Kenny keeping the tally during harvest.

Team chemistry doesn’t happen overnight. There is a period of learning, communicating and improving. In a teamwork environment, individual performances of greatness are recognized just as much as the mistakes are. In the vineyard during harvest, it is known who pulls down the most fruit and who has perfect attendance. At the same time, anyone who slows down the group on a given day is made aware of it and that individual knows he has to get better or the whole team will suffer.

This team has an instinctive connection to produce on the field. Each month, logging early morning hours in Lynmar’s vineyards daily, their knowledge of the vineyard grows – the tendencies of each block, and the requirements of each vine.


Medals from last fall’s championship session

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