A Week During Harvest

To say that the Lynmar life has been hectic would be an understatement. We have been going at breakneck speed and, of course, life does not stop for the business.

Here is a week of the Lynmar Life:


The vineyard and winery crews prepared for rain and worked feverishly to bring the in the grapes. The tasting room was busy with 30 picnics and 200 wine-tasters. The Bliss House had wonderful wine club members renting it, for whom David prepared a celebratory dinner. I woke up feeling under the weather, finally felled by the cold and flu that has been making its way around the office and Adam’s school. Popped two Advil and prepared for a lunch for 45 at our house. Catering arrives, we set up, a guest falls in our pool. Towels, antiseptic, clothes in dryer and we sit down to lunch at 2. Two more Advil and a glass of wine.


Cold worse. Body ache. Morning dose of Advil. Tasting room closed. Lunch for 60 for a wine and food society. The biggest event we have done entirely in house: five seated courses paired with 10 wines. This event has been months in the planning, the meal has been tasted and approved by the organizing committee.  The colors for linen and flowers were chosen and ordered. Flowers arrive – not the colors ordered. Andrea and Stacy scour the gardens and redo flower arrangement. It is a sparkling day. Most people have not been to Lynmar before. Food, wine, service are flawless. Rave reviews. I am so proud of our team. Two more Advil and I drive to the city for an early morning plane to Tulsa for a visit to Lynnco, a supply chain company Lynn and I founded in 2000.


E-mail from our Wine Club director – her grandmother passed away. My plane is cancelled. Have to fly to Minneapolis to reach Tulsa. Cold makes landing painful. Add Dayquil to Advil. 12 hours later, I arrive in Tulsa, where Wendy the president of the company has a bottle of Lynmar Hawk Hill waiting for me. Lynmar and Nyquil are not a recommended pairing….but it works for me.


Work Monday night and Tuesday in Tulsa while it pours in Sebastopol. All harvest activities in the vineyard are put on hold. Now the vineyard and winery staff have botrytis and other issues to worry about. Our event staff works with tent company to set up tent for the event on Thursday in the pouring rain. Defying the laws of physics, the tent goes up…but will it stay up? A county truck gets stuck in the vineyard while Jason’s truck breaks down. I wonder if I should pass the Advil around.

Fly back to San Francisco on Wednesday….through Atlanta. 10 hours. Sprained back. Advil, Dayquil, unknown Sauvingan Blanc on United. Arrive back at Lynmar at 10 pm. Another employee has lost her grandmother and two others have close relatives in hospital.


At 6 am there is thunder and sheets of rain. We have VIP guests in the Bliss House and a bank event. This is the worst case scenario. At 8 a.m. the sun comes up and stays up. The temperatures get to 80 degrees. The tent still standing. I wear  ugly, flat shoes and limp into work to check in with our very competent staff – everything looks beautiful. Retire to my room with a heat pad, Nyquil, Dayquil, Advil, Zinc and Vitamin C.  The forklift going “beep beep” outside the window all day. Lynn kindly agrees to give my speech to the incoming MBA class at Sonoma State University. I call in my regrets to the events scheduled for Friday and Saturday.


It is a long weekend, so tasting room gets over 200 people each day. Beautiful weather. Lynn and I have a quiet dinner in Healdsburg. Only talk about Lynmar for half the time.


Two hundred people over the course of the day in the tasting room. Lunch for 40 people at our house, cooked by David. Everyone is blown away by the chef. No one falls in pool. A guest sings ‘O Sole Mio’ in the caves. It takes my breath away. After the event I talk to my doctor because the Nyquil, Dayquil, Advil routine does not seem to work anymore. He starts me on antibiotics. I should probably stay off wine for a few days… Just another week during harvest.

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