A hidden gem made by love off the beaten path.

“A garden to walk in and immensity to dream in–what more could he ask? A few flowers at his feet and above him the stars.”  – Victor Hugo, Les Misérables To Kate Frey, gardens are a place of intrigue. This talented garden and landscape designer creates magic with her encyclopedic knowledge of native...


Lynmar Profile: Vineyard Team

We believe that great wine comes from great vineyards and that behind every great vineyard is a crew of dedicated workers and a history of meticulous farming. At Lynmar Estate, we are blessed with a vineyard team that works together, plays together and understands our quest for excellence in everything we do. Each...


Susanna’s Vineyard – The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Susanna’s Vineyard was given to me by my husband in 2005, as I was on the cusp of learning about wine, wineries and vineyards. Lynn acquired the 25-acre property, (originally an apple orchard, owned for several generations by the Silveira family) and on my...


A Feast for the Senses and the Land

Posted by Anisya Fritz – Photography by Nicole Na On Saturday, March 19th, Lynmar Estate joined with Single Thread Farms and Restaurant to support one of Sonoma County’s finest not for profit organizations, The Sonoma Land Trust. The Sonoma Land, which...


Best Italian mistake of its time, perfect with Pinot!

With a portfolio of 14 Pinot Noirs to choose from and a garden abundant with vegetables in every season, the potential for Lynmar’s Estate chef to be creative is endless! Having worked at so many fine dining restaurants, and creating four and five-course...


Certifiably Sustainable

We begin 2016 as a certified sustainable winery. As most of you know, Lynmar’s core values and ethos have always focused on sustainability and the long term health of our vineyards and our company, but last year, we decided to make it official. Here are some...


Olive Harvest 2015

2015 Lynmar Estate Olive Harvest by the numbers Total harvest quantity: 1,500 lbs. From Tasting Room: 650 lbs. From Winery: 530 lbs. From Bliss House: 320 lbs. Number of trees harvested: 32 Olive oil produced: 21.5 Gallons